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in clean thermal waste to energy methodologies.

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Rotary kiln gasification technology for real world solutions.

A net-zero emission, clean thermal technology, for mixed waste materials, including plastic wastes and ocean debris.

Offers efficient waste utilization, to create clean energy opportunities by producing clean-burning syngas.

Combines market-ready gasification core with industry standards for turnkey waste to energy systems that can generate power for commercial, industrial, and municipal needs.

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About TurnW2E®

Constant and rigorous development funded for U.S. military requirements put TurnW2E® Advanced Gasification at the leading-edge of multi use gasification technology advancements. Through two decades of applied research and experience, efficient and integrated turnkey systems using this clean and efficient rotary-kiln core can provide net zero solutions engineered to be practical and sustainable. Systems are designed to address commercial, industrial, municipal, and local community needs for waste elimination to create new electrification, energy production, grid support and other sustainable solutions for communities across the globe.

The TurnW2E® family of solutions are engineered to provide efficient clean thermal waste elimination which turn waste management issues into energy generation opportunities by producing clean-burning syngas (synthesis gas). Options for use can be as simple as fueling a boiler to ease the burden on the local electrical grid, generating clean energy for vehicle electrification, and replacing fossil fuels to do so. TurnW2E® technology is highly adaptable from input to output.

An Illinois based woman-owned company developed the core of the gasification system to mitigate the adverse effects of waste materials on the environment.  In combination with traditional handling technologies and energy generation, TurnW2E® is delivered in an configurations specifically designed for local needs; both waste materials as well as energy options. This foundation provides clean conversion for combined streams of waste materials that include plastic waste, industrial waste, logistics mixed wastes, commercial waste, chemical waste, biosolids, hospital wastes, and wastes from wastewater treatment processes. This core solution for the foundation of clean community infrastructure gives every project the tools to develop sustainability that works for their needs. This technology is ready to position any community into a platform of local sustainability that is engineered to meet their specific needs; this simple transition to clean thermal in many locations can solve the global crisis caused by plastics, and continue to provide a healthy environment for future generations.


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BESI’s corporate experience in research and development is supported by almost two decades of projects in innovative technologies for the U.S. military. The scope of these projects includes full process design, prototype delivery, and rigorous demonstration for multiple U.S. military communities, from energy to water.

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CORE Sustainable, a TurnW2E® commercial affiliate, provides advanced systems design and leading-edge solutions for infrastructure sustainability. The wide-ranging experience, depth of expertise, resources and standing assets, along with an experienced team of engineers and experts enable organizations of every type to achieve clean waste conversion and reduction, power generation, technology bundling and integration and carbon offsetting objectives.

Tools for the application of the technology are available for every community, for R&D or commercial projects. TurnW2E® is the foundation for those interested in meeting the United Nations sustainable development goals, have goals for Extended Producer Responsibility, or want to further the Corporate Social Responsibility for your organization?

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