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The Company provides services and products for renewable energy technology development, from small-scale research through full commercial deployment, including facility operation and facility business management.
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A New Twist on Gasification – Biomass Magazine August 4 - 6 2010
  Article published in www.biomassmagazine.com BioMassMagazine
When Douglas Goodale, bioenergy project manager and principal investigator for the State University of New York at Cobleskill (SUNY Cobleskill) discusses his upcoming research project, he beams proudly, clearly illustrating that he believes it will represent a breakthrough in gasification systems and waste-to-energy technology. His enthusiasm is directed toward a rotary kiln gasifier developed and owned by Chicago-based W2E and en route to a new lab facility established for such research at SUNY Cobleskill.
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W2E Technology Demonstration Facility [January - March 2010]
SUNY Cobleskill and W2E have embarked upon an educational and intellectual endeavor to promote and foster the use of agricultural wastes to supplant the energy needs of the United States in general and specifically for the US Department of Defense and US Department of Energy. 
Launch of W2E Cochin Project by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam   Launch of W2E Cochin Project by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
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Launch of W2E Cochin Project
The first W2E project in India was officially launched in Cochin, Kerala, India on February 4th, 2008. As part of its 150th year celebrations, the Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in its continuous efforts to demonstrate the collective corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the city’s business community, has embarked on an innovative solution in the COCHIN WASTE 2 ENERGY PROJECT.

Together with technical experts – W2E Ventures Inc. the Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry established Cochin W2E Projects Pvt. Ltd. – Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that is an initiative towards a clean and healthy future. The facility, located at Willingdon Island in Cochin, is scheduled to go online in November 2008 and will provide over 1 Mega Watt of electricity to the community while gasifying over 25 tons of waste per day that would otherwise have ended in a landfill or incinerated.

The former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who was the chief guest of the occasion laid the foundation for the Cochin Waste2Energy facility. Dr. Thomas Isac, the Finance Minister of Kerala and the ASSOCHEM President Mr. Venugopal N. Dhoot also graced the occasion.

Launch of W2E Cochin Project by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam   Launch of W2E Cochin Project by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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W2E Ventures and SUNY to work together for Bio-Energy Centre
The State University of New York at Cobleskill (SUNY-Cobleskill) established a BioEnergy Center with W2E Ventures as a significant contributor of technology. W2E Ventures will assist SUNY in creating a long-term resource base for the center, in program development of value to industry and in technology transfer.
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