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Enhanced Gasification; TurnW2E™

W2E has developed waste-to-energy technology for utilizing a variety of waste materials to make renewable and alternative energy products. The technology can process virtually any carbonaceous material, convering it into forms of usable energy that can be consumed or sold easily. At the core of the W2E technology is a process known as gasification. It is a well-known technology for converting materials into a clean-burning synthesis gas, which is then combusted for power production, or further processed to produce hydrogen for transportation fuels, or ammonia for use in fuel cells or as fertilizer. The history of gasification process goes back many decades. There is significant experience with wood gasification at various system sizes, and with coal gasification, at relatively large applications. The W2E technology has incorporated the best elements of past gasification designs and performances to yield a very flexible and reliable waste-to-energy system.

Making good technology better…

Gasification has been in use for many decades, from processes making "town gas" in the early 1900's as fuel for street lamps, to today's 500 MW coal gasification processes used to produce electricity in the United States. Years of assessment of these processes has yielded the design advancements in TurnW2E™ technology. Using the best elements of proven gasification technologies have resulted in the patent-pending developments in materials handling and processing, internal distribution systems, conversion and reaction processes, and vessel composition of TurnW2E™ Technology.

Practical – a small size turnkey package is a simple installation, with custom integration into existing infrastructure;

Reliable – the system technology has a 99.9% availability in typical use;

Efficient – processing almost any type of waste materials eliminates extra processing steps;

Safe – system runs at ambient pressure and produces CO2 and water vapor, ash and metals for recovery and use;

Environmental – produces minimal to no contaminants of concern; replaces systems that produce carcinogens, contaminate water systems and release greenhouse gases;

Flexible – can process varied waste streams in combination without system modification;

Years of technology use have finally paid off. TurnW2E™ Technology; simple waste elimination and renewable energy generation in a profitable package.


TurnW2E™ Gasification system is a series of basic units, which are designed to work together as one continuous operation. The systems are custom solutions for the client, but have at the core a standardized set of processes.

Turn W2E Waste to Energy Sytem Providers

TurnW2E™ Gasification systems are able to process materials of varying sizes and combinations. General sizing to < 6" is appropriate and allows for even process flow through the materials handling system and into the core processing unit. This flexibility allows for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) applications to work quickly and efficiently.

“ through the use of its innovative reactor design, TurnW2E™ Gasification can accommodate varied materials with different moisture contents, providing for maximum flexibility in feedstocks for a gasifier, and still produce consistent syngas.”
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Turn W2E Waste to Energy Sytem Providers
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