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Waste to Hydrogen
Harnessing Hydrogen from Wastes

W2E specializes in providing solutions to waste disposal issues by utilizing these wastes to generate hydrogen for use as a substitute for hydrocarbon fuels.

Renewables are fast gaining popularity, and the concept of transportation fuels, such as ethanol, from non-petroleum sources is becoming familiar to a majority of consumers. Hydrogen has the potential to provide energy for stationary conversion devices using fuel cells, as well as for transportation needs such as use in on-road and off -road vehicles.


Hydrogen Utility


Many countries have begun hydrogen utility programs, specifying the use of hydrogen as the preferred fuel for the future, due to its inherent environmental benefits, such as the drastic reduction of greenhouse gases. This wide application of hydrogen targets the replacement of conventional fuels such as oil, fossil fuels, and natural gas for energy conversion, power production, vehicles, and for heat.

To provide a real replacement and be truly renewable, this hydrogen should be generated from sources other than natural gas or even water. Utilizing natural gas to make hydrogen is an ineffi cient use of that hydrocarbon source. Using water to make hydrogen also results in an ineffi cient process, using a great deal of electricity to produce the hydrogen.


Practical Hydrogen Production


As countries continue to expand the mainstream use of hydrogen, the development of a practical method of dispensing hydrogen must also be developed. The typical infrastructure for the distribution of fossil fuel products is not necessary for hydrogen, since it does not require extensive processing similar to that of fossil fuels. In fact, hydrogen can be produced and dispensed at the same location. The production of hydrogen from a domestically available renewable resource at an efficient and economical rate will provide the coming “Hydrogen Economy” with its own set of financial and environmental benefits.

To accomplish this, the foundations to achieve this global objective must be, as they are in petroleum products, well established. In the case of viable hydrogen feedstock materials, these foundations are already in existence, and in many places, have been for hundreds of years. They are the infrastructure that comprises the solid waste management industry.

By using this simple and natural existing infrastructure that collects, sorts, and recycles waste in any country, the feedstock to produce hydrogen is readily quantifiable. This is the very material that is deposited in landfills, or is burned or incinerated to eliminate it from the ecosystem, leaving only the worst traces of it behind – in our air and water and earth. This feedstock will serve us far better if it is used for the production of hydrogen, in the very places that collect it near population centers. This conversion of waste into hydrogen and its subsequent use will eliminate or reduce the use of conventional fuels for transporting it to landfills. It will also allow the dispensing of hydrogen right at the collection center.

The solutions approach of W2E provides the integration of technologies for a sustainable use of any biomass or any solid waste material to manufacture this renewable fuel at the clients’ facility.

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Wastes are a Domestic Resource......that can be used to produce energy in sustainable reliable and economical way.

Waste to Hydrogen
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